Covid-19 Information


The Granda Theatre adheres to CDC & Wasco County Health Department Covid-19 business guidlines.  The Granada is set-up for optimal social distancing whether you are sitting at your table, standing in lines or entering and exiting the theatre.  At this time, there is a self-imposed limit of 80 patrons per event.  There is plenty of room in the theatre with the new seating plan to social distance.  The current non-Covid seating capacity is 299 people. Entrances and exits are designated for movement in one direction in English & Spanish.  

Masks are required upon entering & exiting the theatre and while roaming around the theatre in order to purchase a beverage, use the restroom or to socialize.  Masks not required while eating or drinking at your table.  

The theatre has constant airflow exchange  via  roof vents.  

Our employees are trained in sanitizing and customer contact protocols in order to maintain optimal patron  & workforce health safety.

Persons who buy tickets at the door the night of the event are asked to provide contact information, ie: name and phone number.  Persons who have purchased tickets on-line or over the phone are not asked to do so for we already have contact information.  

Know that, we at the Granada, respect your personal beliefs and are continually working to provide a space as safe as can be these days for ALL persons- patrons and ourselves- attending events.   It is your choice to attend based on this information and urge all to self evaluate your health status prior to attending events. 

If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact the Granada at 815-993-6585 or email to: